• Communicate with your doctor

    Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home
  • Access your test results

    No more waiting for a phone call or letter – view your results and your doctor's comments within days
  • Request prescription renewal

    Send a renewal request for any of your renewable medications
  • Manage your appointments

    Schedule your next appointment, or view details of your past and upcoming appointments

MemorialCare is focused on providing our patients with the best experience. As we enhance the myChart experience and add new features there are two things that we want you to be aware of:

  • Password Length Change

    Effective July 21, 2019, password requirements will be updated to require a minimum of 8 characters. Please update your password in advance to meet these requirements.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 1-855-219-8570.

  • Web Browser Requirements

    New minimum browser requirements starting July 21, 2019

      *Chrome version 30 or higher
      *Internet Explorer version 11 or higher.

    Note: If your browser does not meet or exceed these requirements after July 21, 2019 you will be unable to access myChart.